“Hermaphrodite Child Of The Sun And Moon” by L.C.S., 1752





Among the 7 planets I am called the Sun.
My pointy crown symbolizes the process:
First, we become completely subtle and pure
And bind with Mercury,
Then the black raven grows.
It is buried in the grave,
Rising anew,
Adorned with lillies, and betrothed.
Then at last the Sun-Child appears,
Bedecked with purple on his throne.

Worship God, and love those
Who overcome their depression and cravings.
Give only the best to God and neighbor.
Come, I will show you
A Treasure that you will treasure:
A golden fountain and a silver spring
From the word of God and the Soul of Humanity.
I am that Treasure,
Better than all other good things.
Yet, I am also an poisonous dragon,
A furious lion with jaws open like an abyss.
All metals bow before me;
When I grab them, they bust to pieces.


If the sublime wisdom of the universe,
Prized about all else,
Had opened up clearly,
As told by Philaleth; and
If my mother, Nature,
hadn’t grayed
My colorful Mercury; and
If my fiery life were revealed;
Then there would be as many Adepts,
As there are Sophists now.
But God wills
The greedy world not to
Grasp my nature or
Discover my Mercury.
So I am only known to those
Who God sends to my Master.
Who explains everything clearly,
And reveals my figure:
What to make out of the poisonous dragon,
And my solid red brother.

My species gives me a grey belly,
but I’m neither male nor female.
Rather, I have both genders.
My flesh and blood prove it.
My blood is male, my flesh female.
The power of both is spiritual.
I have both male and female organs.
So people call me a hermaphrodite.
My treasure is the Earth Element,
where there are minerals, metals, and such.
Yet I’m nothing that you may suppose.
I am One Substance by my nature.
In my metal form I am simultaneously
hot and cold, wet and dry.


Hermes called me the Sun and the Moon. Riplaeus called me the green
lion. Our author called me hermaphrodite, but I pay no attention to
that. It makes no difference. Nor does it matter what the sophists
call me, for they learn nothing for all their trouble except: 1 I
am One Substance, not two; 2 In me is Bernard’s little fountain;
3 I am dry water, subtle pure; 4 I am raised up by the power
of Mars, as commanded by Philaleth, the famous Adept who
coagulates my esoteric nature with Mercury.

Four elements are sealed in me,
Sulphur and Mercury are dissolved in me.
I am savage, deadly, smoky, poisonous,
solid, liquid, constant, and gaseous.
Not animal, vegetable, fungus,
arsenic, vitriol-alaun, salt,
sulphur, mineral,
gold, nor any metal.

I am White Mercury. I have only one root and two stems.

Everyone despises me, because I don’t look too cool in my dull gray
coat. Yet, I am like the prize-winning beehive that produces the best
honey for lords, princes, and the king. I equally valuable for
everyone, high and low, rich and poor.


Norton, Philaleth’s instructor,
Drew me
In my correct form
And he saw me clearly.
Everything good is in me,
Which you and everyone can do.
In the middle is my crowned figure,
My silver Mercury,
Which the educated call argentum,
And which is known as quicksilver.
Two hazy materials must be made very clear,
Maria writes, to perform the Work:
Those two are my frozen Water
And my brother Mercury, subtle and pure.

I am the good unicorn of the ancients.
Dissociate me into two,
And then bond us back together,
So that my mortal remains no longer decompose.
That is how to get the most powerful medicine.
Pay no attention to my wild and poisonous nature,
Because, God willing,
I cure all sickness and give long life.


This Figure clearly shows
The orbiting of the four Elements:
Turn Air, Fire, Water, and Earth
into Water through our Fire.
Then make that Water into Earth.
That completes the Work.
In other words, separate
the Air, Fire, Water, and Earth,
and unify them once more.
Do it gently or all is wasted,
And all the work and all the reward are lost.
The Crown sits in the point of the Earth.

Seek after reason and intelligence,
And do not look down on me,
Though I am vile and small,
Nothing else in the entire world
Contains the true Tincture,
Since I have the subtle and pure Mercury,
Settled, without turbulence,
Completely liquid, yet white and clear.


The dry water indicates
A substance that wets nothing, yet is
The Seed of all humidity.
It is the Green Lion’s partner,
Made pure and subtle by the Mars-nature,
The White Mercury is made here:
It must be polished as bright
As a spring of liquid silver:
That is how to gently inspire the Work along,
So it binds with its Red servant.

A king in purple robes
Stabilizes me each time:
That is the pure Gold of the Philosophers
Who seek It in me.
It is called Solid Red Sulphur.
Everything else keeps a wide berth,
Because I can do it all single handed,
Though I am only one Stone,
I tolerate no Silver or Gold,
And Mercury treats me with disdain.
I complete the entire Work
All by my Self.


Here the Work begins,
A duality
gives the power
To heal,
The elixir of long life.
A duality separated by a moist fire,
Bestowing health and wealth.
That is how to see this Figure.

Do not pollute me,
Just dissolve me, coagulate me,
And turn me upside down.
That how to do good Work.


When Sun and Moon with Mercury
Are Joined together,
Indivisible and fireproof,
An eternal splendor occurs.
But, you must know and understand
All work will be in vain
In this mysterious art,
If mundane Moon and Mercury
Entice you from the Path.
Mystical Moon and Mercury
Is another name for one’s nature:
Mystical Fire is the Fiery Water,
In which the Mystical Moon and Sun are cremated.

Dissolve me gently,
With no water or powder.
Place me in a moist coffin.
I turn white and red,
Then bubble forth a spring,
Fair as the Moon, bright as the Sun.


This figure shows the power of the
Liquid Fire:
Cooking and melting
Solid into liquid.
Fire which slays the Sun and Moon then
Resurrects them.
Then the 4 elements turn
Solid red:
The Lesser Work gives way to the
Birth of the child of the sun.

The black raven grows
For those who are able to
Stop the fire, and be patient,
Until the colors appear.


Your first task is
Controlling this faculty:
Turn our virgin Earth
Into Milk, but
Be Gentle and take as long
As a pregnancy.
Then the raven is born,
Later classified as the peacock,
In 5 months, lilies bloom
When you decide to open the door for him.

Now it whitens
And has the power to
Transmute lead, tin, copper,
And Mercury
Into the finest Silver,
Blessed be.


Diana shines through
When the proud peacock gives up his tail
The white swan Diana appears
Like the man-in-the-moon
You can transmute Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Tin
Into Silver:
Just think about what he did,
And do it the same way:
Then the power of the swan grows,
And changes all metals into Silver.

Keep going until it turns red,
If that happens, thank the Lord: for
The Sun is the beauty that is in all the metals,
The Sun is the power that turns those metals into Gold.


Turns the swan into a
Salamander abruptly.
She feasts on
And lives in flames,
Blood-Red in color,
Nourished by the glowing embers:
Those who bow to her rule,
(Like the Pelican
Who gives all to his young):
Will see the Salamander
Develop their
Strength and Virtue,
But she only appears to those who
Understand 7 stars:
She opens up
The 7 gates for us.

Just One Thing under the Sun
Its Possession is the secret of making Gold.
Its form is both male and female.
Its nature is both hot and cold.
Its nutrients pour out,
Its male part, solid, Its female part, liquid.
Its unity makes it the beginning and the end.
Its state changes from male to female:
Dissolving, putrefying, purifying, coagulating,
Until the golden Child appears.
Its milk feeds the Child anew,
And lets you immediately repeat the Work,
Until everything flows and penetrates.
Then fine gold accumulates,
Its Spiritual Body turns acid.
Its Colors have to be made ready for the Work:
But be righteous and guard against sins,
And God will grant you this treasure:
Its color will eventually turn red,
And then remember to thank the Lord.